My instruments:

My Barrel-Organ

I have a Raffin Pipe organ R20/40 with 20 pitches and 40 pipes, 31 of which are made of wood and 9 of metal.
The sound frame is decorated with Italian inlay and gold-plated brass fittings. The barrel-organ has a pair of bellows made of kid-leather and a traditional mechanism. It is thus not an instrument with electrical controls.

Historically the barrel-organ has been known for over 200 years. But it did not become really popular until around 1900 as a "beggar's instrument".

In the meantime the barrel-organ is considered almost fit for good society.

The Technology:

The punched paper tape is read pneumatically like a musical script by means of the punched paper tape control driven by a crank and thus interpreting the music pieces.

The traditional style carriage which my barrel-organ stands on is equipped with plate-springs and iron rimy wooden spoke-wheels.

Mechanical concertina - from the family of pull knob instruments

Hexagonal concertina made of nutwood plays with genuine voting plates (tongues) by means of air from the bellows, steered by electromagnetically operating valves.

The volume can be determined by stronger or weaker pulling and pressing of the bellows.