Hello, I greet you,

With pleasure and enthusiasm I've been en route with my barrel-organ for quite some time now. I find it exciting and challenging to give my audience pleasure with my melodies. Just at the sight of the barrel-organ and my appearance a smile whisks over the faces of many people and perhaps into their hearts.
For the elderly it is possibly a reminder of former times, for children a flourish into their dream world and for tourists something popular. It doesn't matter what age, the barrel-organ gives people a small pleasure, a short pause in the middle of everyday activity. This participation in my short appearance is a nice experience for many.

For me

it is an indescribable pleasant feeling to give people pleasure. And because I am so near to the audience, affectionate and chatty, they listen to my sounds and establish contacts with me.

Would you like to know more about me?

  • Making music is above all a hobby for me.
  • I have three professional qualifications, in Public Health and Human Resources as well as in fiscal law.
  • I've worked part time for many years ond have so won free time for my musical activities.

Do you also like zither music?

Peter likes to play music on the zither as a soloist, or would you prefer us as a duo: Zither with barrel organ, mouth organ (accordion) or concertina?

Drehorgel mit Zither